Ranch One

Welcome to Ranch One®

Ranch One is a healthy, delicious alternative to fast food. Ranch One features sandwiches made with premium quality chicken breast, flame-grilled to perfection, topped with gourmet greens, toasted almonds and our famous roasted red pepper sauce - all served on a freshly baked, semolina roll. The taste you want, without all the fat. Experience Chicken Made Fresh for yourself.

Ranch One focuses on quality, taste, and value combined with the convenience of fast service and the appeal of a healthier menu. Ranch One is a quick service restaurant chain specializing in freshly grilled, marinated chicken breast sandwiches, and a variety of freshly prepared menu selections.

The first Ranch One opened in 1990 in New York City on Broadway next door the Late Show with David Letterman. The company currently has several locations nationwide.


The Chicken Feed

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